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  • Monthly Image Themes for 2024-2025

    September 2024 – MinimalistA sparse well composed image shying away from overabundance of color, patterns or information. October 2024 – MacroA closeup of insects, seeds, butterflies, other small natural objects. November 2024 – Slooow shutter speedAn image made with a minimum of a 1-second exposure. December 2024 – Part color and part black and whiteAny […]

  • Monthly Image Themes for 2023-2024

    September 2023 – ShadowsAny any photo that displays some form of a shadow. October 2023 – High KeyMake an image that is intentionally very bright with very little or no dark shadows present while preserving detail in the subject. High key images usually have a bright background. November 2023 – Macro in NatureA close focus […]

  • Monthly Image Themes for 2022-2023

    Monthly Image Themes for 2022-2023

    September 2022 – Monochrome landscapesLandscapes, oceanscapes, or cityscapes presented in shades of a single color. October 2022 – CurvesAny image that has curves as the main design element. November 2022 – MacroA very close-up image in which the size of the subject on the sensor or film is the same as or greater than life-size. […]

  • Monthly Image Themes for 2021-2022

    Monthly Image Themes for 2021-2022

    September 2021 – Blue Hour Take an image during the “Blue Hour”, that period of twilight in the morning or evening a bit before sunrise or after sunset when the sky has a deep blue hue. October 2021 – Unusual Perspective Take an image from anywhere but the usual eye level perspective.  Get up high and shoot […]

  • Monthly Image Themes for 2020-2021

    Monthly Image Themes for 2020-2021

    September 2020 – Self-Portrait with…? Take a picture while holding the camera (no remote control or self-timers) of something that reflects at least part of your camera and maybe some or all of you. October 2020 – Light and Shadow Light is a requirement for photography, but where there is light there is shadow. Capture an image […]

  • Monthly Image Themes for 2019-2020

    Monthly Image Themes for 2019-2020

    September 2019 – Macro Take an extreme closeup such that the resulting image is larger than life-size. Any small subject such as insects, flowers, food, or plants can be the focus of your image. October 2019 – Doors as frames Use a door or doorway to frame the subject of your image. The door or […]

  • Judging & Scoring Guidelines

    Judging & Scoring Guidelines

    On August 6, 2018, we had a workshop to help us all understand the judging and scoring system adhered to by the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs). PPS is affiliated with 4Cs and many of our members enjoy the competition provided in this arena. Beginning with the September 2018 season, we will be using […]

  • Monthly Image Themes for 2018-2019

    Monthly Image Themes for 2018-2019

    September 2018 – Portland Skyline Try for a unique view of the Portland skyline, either down town, stump town, or the east side. October 2018 – Action A depiction of dramatic movement. The subject could be animate or inanimate, and the movement could be imminent or ongoing, but it should be dramatic: something involving rapid […]

  • How to shoot Star Trails presentation

    How to shoot Star Trails presentation

    Below is a link to our presentation on Star Trails photography, which is based on the many things we learned on field trips this spring. Taking_Star_Trails_PPS You may also be interested in the presentations documents from our education class on the subject: Milky-Way-PPS-presentation-handout Taking-Star-Trail-Images-PPS-Presentation

  • Star Trails & Milky Way Presentations

    Star Trails & Milky Way Presentations

    On Monday, March 27, PPS member Victor Dallons gave an excellent presentation on shooting star trails! If you missed the presentation, or need a copy of the slides, click the link below: Taking Star Trail Images – PPS Presentation On Monday, April 24, Victor followed up with another presentation on shooting the Milky Way! If […]