Monthly Image Themes for 2022-2023

September 2022 – Monochrome landscapes

  • Landscapes, oceanscapes, or cityscapes presented in shades of a single color.

October 2022 – Curves

  • Any image that has curves as the main design element.

November 2022 – Macro

  • A very close-up image in which the size of the subject on the sensor or film is the same as or greater than life-size.

December 2022 – Rust

  • An abstract image of rust focused on shape, texture and color without a clearly defined object, or an image of a rusty object or part of one with rust on it.

January 2023 – Reflection

  • Images incorporating reflections from surfaces such as water, glass, chrome, etc, OR someone or something in deep thought.

February 2023 – Musical Instruments

  • An image of any type of musical instrument expressing their shapes, functionality, textures, and pure design.

March 2023 – Water

  • An image showing liquid water as a prominent feature.

April 2023 – Go figure

  • This one is open to any interpretation

May 2023 – Street photographs

  • Images taken from the street or other public spaces, usually containing candid images of people.