Want to learn how to use your new camera?  Looking for some photography tips, books to read, or photography classes in Portland?  There are plenty of opportunities available to suit all learning styles and budgets.

While the Portland Photographic Society offers many instructional and learning opportunities, the majority are “learn by doing” in the form of field trips, and given the multitude of photographic topics, we don’t cover everything during the year.

Please note that we provide this list as purely a resource for further research – we do not necessarily endorse any particular organization, company, or website.  Always beware that links could be out of date, and always exercise caution in giving out any personal information online.


Free Websites to Learn Photography

Online resources for photography are plentiful – there are videos, articles, and all sorts of instructional materials available for free.  If you are a self-directed learner, it is a great time to be a photographer.  Here are a few links to get you started.

Camera-Specific Help and Tutorials

For most camera models, there are numerous instructional articles and videos available on youtube.com or from your camera’s manufacturer.  If you can’t find information from your manufacturer, searching YouTube is easy – just head to the main site (youtube.com) and in the search bar at the top, type in your camera’s model name, followed by tutorial.  For example, typing in “Nikon D800 tutorial” provides numerous helpful videos.  The same can be done simply in any search engine (such as Google), such as typing “Olympus E-PM1 guide” or “Canon Rebel T4i tutorial” or “Photoshop Elements Tutorial”.

If you don’t like watching videos, and prefer the written word, your camera’s manual can be very helpful, depending on the manufacturer.  If you don’t have the one that came with your camera, you can find a copy online at your camera manufacturer’s website, or by searching the web (for example, “Nikon D800 manual” typed into Google).  There are also books available for most cameras from third parties, some of which may even be available at your local library.

Manufacturer Websites and learning portals (many of which are applicable to all types of cameras):

General Photography

Specific Styles of Photography

These websites go deeper into specific styles and types of photography:


Photography Books

A variety of books are likely available for your specific camera.  For examples, head to Amazon.com and type in your camera’s model name – for example, “Canon 7D guide” – and find a guide book for your camera with good reviews.

Thrifty Tips

There are many excellent books on photography, but here are a few suggestions to get started:

Oregon Guides

Washington Guides

Basic Photography

Composition & Creativity

Portraits and People

Landscape and Nature

Film Photography


Online Photography Classes

If you enjoy learning from videos, there are many ways to learn online.  From free youtube videos to by-the-month video sites, there are many options.

Youtube (youtube.com)

Lynda (lynda.com)

Kelby Training (kelbyone.com)


Local Photography Classes

Portland has a number of photography classes available if you get tired of online guides, or feel like learning from the experts.  Classes are arguably the most expensive way to learn, but they also provide high-quality instruction and hands-on, person-to-person training.  If this suits your learning style, then read on:

Portland Community College (pcc.edu)

Pro Photo Supply (prophotosupply.com)