Monthly Image Themes for 2019-2020

September 2019 – Macro

  • Take an extreme closeup such that the resulting image is larger than life-size. Any small subject such as insects, flowers, food, or plants can be the focus of your image.

October 2019 – Doors as frames

  • Use a door or doorway to frame the subject of your image. The door or doorway shouldn’t be the subject; it should only be a frame for it.

November 2019 – Mirror Image

  • A mirror image has two parts that are reversed from each other. You can create a mirror image in the computer or find one naturally in the physical world.

December 2019 – Portraits

  • A portrait should not show just the physical side of the subject but should try to capture the essence of who the person is. Show us more about the person, not just how he or she looks.

January 2020 – Musical Instrument

  • Make an image of any type of musical instrument, either by itself or one being played.

February 2020 – Texture

  • Textures are how things feel to the touch, they can be rough or smooth, with large or small repeating or non-repeating patterns and shapes. Make the texture of objects or elements in the image a key component of your image.

March 2020 – Abstract

  • Make an image that relies on form, color, and shapes to present a non-literal, interpretation of your subject.

April 2020 – Pairs

  • Take a picture of any two related items, parts, creatures, 
    or people.

May 2020 – Composite

  • A composite is a digital montage from at least 2 images. Use any editing techniques such as masking, layering, selections, etc. to create a composite from at least 2 images. Subject matter is open.