Monthly Image Themes for 2024-2025

September 2024 – Minimalist
A sparse well composed image shying away from overabundance of color, patterns or information.

October 2024 – Macro
A closeup of insects, seeds, butterflies, other small natural objects.

November 2024 – Slooow shutter speed
An image made with a minimum of a 1-second exposure.

December 2024 – Part color and part black and white
Any mix of color to black and white in a photo, from spot color to partially black and white.

January 2025 – Textures in black & white
For example, weathered wood, stone, animal fur, fabric, sand flowing water, etc.

February 2025 – Doorways
Any kind of door as the primary subject.

March 2025 – Humorous
Find a subject that will make us laugh and photograph it.

April 2025 – Something old
Something or someone past their prime chipped and or peeling paint, or has been brought back to a shine.

May 2025 – Complementary colors
Two colors that are on opposite sides of the light color wheel. The most common examples are blue-yellow, green-magenta, or red-cyan. Use for dramatic effect in your image.