Monthly Image Themes for 2018-2019

September 2018 – Portland Skyline

  • Try for a unique view of the Portland skyline, either down town, stump town, or the east side.

October 2018 – Action

  • A depiction of dramatic movement. The subject could be animate or inanimate, and the movement could be imminent or ongoing, but it should be dramatic: something involving rapid motion, change in direction, or an emotional component.

November 2018 – Past Its Prime

  • Any subject that it starting to look a little shabby such as old cars, barns, old buildings, drooping flowers, people that look like they are on the downhill slide.

December 2018 – Rain Reflections

  • Night shots of lights, buildings etc reflected in the rain on streets and sidewalks

January 2019 – Curves

February 2019 – Multiple Exposures

  • Two or more unique exposures superimposed on each other either done in-camera or in post processing. Does not include HDR, focus stacking etc.

March 2019 – Deliberately breaking the rules of composition

  • For example, putting the primary subject somewhere other than the rule of thirds would suggest, or placing the horizon dead center vertically

April 2019 – Through Window

  • Could be night shots taken through windows from outside or daylight from inside to inside

May 2019 – At Night

  • Anything shot after dusk and before dawn. That includes but not limited to a Milky Way shoot, star trails, city skyline at night to that grungy back alley after dark (if you are brave enough).