Monthly Image Themes for 2021-2022

September 2021 – Blue Hour

  • Take an image during the “Blue Hour”, that period of twilight in the morning or evening a bit before sunrise or after sunset when the sky has a deep blue hue.

October 2021 – Unusual Perspective

  • Take an image from anywhere but the usual eye level perspective.  Get up high and shoot down, or real low and shoot up.  Find an unusual angle.

November 2021 – Older People

  • Take images of older people either as a portrait or a street image.

December 2021 – Abstract

  • Take an abstract picture where the original object(s) can no longer be recognized for what they are, but still evoke feeling or hold our interest.

January 2022 – Signs (Street Photography)

  • Take a street image that includes a sign that enhances the story you are telling.

February 2022 – Decay

  • Take an image showing some type of decay either of objects or places.

March 2022 – Minimalism

  • Make a photograph with few elements in it.  Keep it simple, isolate your subject using negative space but with powerful composition.

April 2022 – Long Exposure

  • A single exposure of at least 5 seconds but possibly longer depending on the effect desired. The effect desired can be expressed on moving clouds, water, people, cars – you get the picture.

May 2022 – Graffiti

  • Show us some striking graffiti that you see. Add some interesting elements that enhance or expand the work that you are depicting.