Monthly Image Themes for 2020-2021

September 2020 – Self-Portrait with…?

  • Take a picture while holding the camera (no remote control or self-timers) of something that reflects at least part of your camera and maybe some or all of you.

October 2020 – Light and Shadow

  • Light is a requirement for photography, but where there is light there is shadow. Capture an image where both of these elements play an important role — an image where light and shadow seem to vie for attention.

November 2020 – Black and White

  • Add dimension and interest to your photos by presenting the image in shades of gray tone that go from dark (black) to light (white).   Highlight the form of your subject and add interest without the distraction of colors.

December 2020 – Industrial

  • Take photos of grimy machinery, equipment, industrial landscape, portraits of workers hard at work, rusty bolts, and aging metal.

January 2021 – Urban Landscape

  • Take a photograph of large-scale scene in a city or town. Your image may contain houses, buildings, streets, parks, and people.

February 2021 – Abandoned

  • Your images can be of buildings that haven’t been used for years, ruins, eye sores or desolate or creepy places.

March 2021 – Long Exposure

  • Use a longer than normal exposure to create the impact in your image.

April 2021 – Wide-angle and/or Panoramas

  • Take an image using a wide angle lens (less than 35 mm full frame equivalent,) or stitch together several images to present a wide view.

May 2021 – Light Trails