March 2018 Projected Image Winners

March Theme Winner – “Far Seeing” – copyright Karen McClymonds

March Open Winner – “Rolling” – copyright Victor Dallons

February 2018 Projected Image Winners

February Theme Winner – “Touch Down” – copyright Susan Sheets

February Open Winner – “Awe Spray” – copyright Karen McClymonds

January 2018 Projected Image Winners

January Theme Winner (tie) – “Stairway To The Heavens” – copyright Paula Burgess

January Theme Winner (tie) – “Rhymes With Orange” – copyright Mike Burgess

January Open Winner (tie) – “North Cape” – copyright Bob Erb

January Open Winner (tie) – “Astoria Net Loft” – copyright Karen McClymonds

January Open Winner (tie) – “Got Fish” – copyright Harry Apelbaum


December 2017 Projected Image Winners

December Theme Winner – “Set Your Clock Back” – copyright Paula Burgess

December Open Winner – “The Gift” – copyright Paula Burgess

November 2017 Projected Image Winners

November Theme Winner – “Ghostly Tree” – copyright Karen McClymonds

November Open Winner – “Girl In A Doorway” – copyright Karen McClymonds

October 2017 Projected Image Winners

October Theme Winner – “Water Sprite” – copyright Mike Burgess

October Open Winner – “White Pearl” – copyright Karen McClymonds

September 2017 Projected Image Winners

September Theme Winner (tie) – “Portland Dawn” – copyright Karen McClymonds

September Theme Winner (tie) – “Stormy Rooftops” – copyright Britta Heise

September Open Winner (tie) – “First Place” – copyright Harry Apelbaum

September Open Winner (tie) – “Follow The Leader” – copyright Karen McClymonds 

September Open Winner (tie) – “Cape Kiwanda Stars” – copyright Elaine Aragon

How to shoot Star Trails presentation

Below is a link to our presentation on Star Trails photography, which is based on the many things we learned on field trips this spring.


You may also be interested in the presentations documents from our education class on the subject:



2016-2017 End of the Year Print Competition

Color Prints of the Year

1st place – “Crystal Quaze” – copyright Raychell Rohrwasser


2nd place – “Window Shopping” – copyright Mike Burgess


3rd place – “1926” – copyright Paula Burgess


Honorable Mention Winners:



Monochrome Prints of the Year

1st place – “Bamboo Samba” – copyright Mike Burgess


2nd place – “Roots” – copyright Easton Rankine


3rd place – “Perplexing Options” copyright Britta Heise


Honorable Mention Winners:

In Memorium: Isabel Villar

Our friend and longtime PPS member, Isabel Villar passed away last evening after a long battle with cancer.

Isabel was a very unique person. She was born in Chile but lived here for many years. She participated in most of the field trips we offered and was always excited about learning more from our more experienced photographers. She was a bright inquisitive person who had a strong belief in herself. She was a happy, warm person with an incredible smile and unique way of seeing. She will be greatly missed.

Isabel Tapia Villar
May 21, 1943 – July 14, 2017
Born in Antofagasta, Chile
Resided and passed away in Portland, Oregon, USA