November 2018 Projected Image Winners

Theme Winner – “1888 Wagon” – copyright Elaine Aragon

Open Winner (Tie) – “My Life Will Never Be The Same” – copyright Harry Apelbaum

Open Winner (Tie) – “Breaking Away” – copyright Karen McClymonds

October 2018 Projected Image Winners

Theme Winner – “Legend Z” – copyright Karen McClymonds

Open Winner (Tie) – “Pink And Blue” – copyright Robert Sleator

Open Winner (Tie) – “Buddies” – copyright Karen McClymonds

September 2018 Projected Image Winners

September Theme Winner – “Portland Evening” copyright Victor Dallons


September Open (Tie) – “Heavenly Arch 2” copyright Karen McClymonds


September Open (Tie) – “A Pretty Place to Hide” copyright Susan Sheets

2017-2018 Print of the Year Competition

Color Prints of the Year

1st place – “Ghost of the Morning Commute” – copyright Mike Baynes


2nd place – “Set Your Clock Back” – copyright Paula Burgess


3rd place – “Painted Bride” – copyright Raychell Rohrwasser

Honorable Mentions:

Monochrome Prints of the Year

1st place – “Becloud” – copyright Raychell Rohrwasser

2nd place – “Reception” – copyright Mike Burgess

3rd place – “Art Discussion” – by Victor Dallons

Honorable Mentions

Judging & Scoring Guidelines

On August 6, 2018, we had a workshop to help us all understand the judging and scoring system adhered to by the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs). PPS is affiliated with 4Cs and many of our members enjoy the competition provided in this arena.

Beginning with the September 2018 season, we will be using this system for our project image scoring. Submissions to the Theme category will also be judged according to the description of the theme.

If you missed the workshop, please click here to download a PDF of the presentation!

Monthly Image Themes for 2018-2019

September 2018 – Portland Skyline

  • Try for a unique view of the Portland skyline, either down town, stump town, or the east side.

October 2018 – Action

  • A depiction of dramatic movement. The subject could be animate or inanimate, and the movement could be imminent or ongoing, but it should be dramatic: something involving rapid motion, change in direction, or an emotional component.

November 2018 – Past Its Prime

  • Any subject that it starting to look a little shabby such as old cars, barns, old buildings, drooping flowers, people that look like they are on the downhill slide.

December 2018 – Rain Reflections

  • Night shots of lights, buildings etc reflected in the rain on streets and sidewalks

January 2019 – Curves

February 2019 – Multiple Exposures

  • Two or more unique exposures superimposed on each other either done in-camera or in post processing. Does not include HDR, focus stacking etc.

March 2019 – Deliberately breaking the rules of composition

  • For example, putting the primary subject somewhere other than the rule of thirds would suggest, or placing the horizon dead center vertically

April 2019 – Through Window

  • Could be night shots taken through windows from outside or daylight from inside to inside

May 2019 – At Night

  • Anything shot after dusk and before dawn. That includes but not limited to a Milky Way shoot, star trails, city skyline at night to that grungy back alley after dark (if you are brave enough).

2017-2018 Projected Image of the Year Competition

1st place - "Ghostly Tree" - copyright Karen McClymonds

1st place – “Ghostly Tree” – copyright Karen McClymonds

2nd place - "Crosswalk" - copyright Paula Burgess

2nd place – “Crosswalk” – copyright Paula Burgess

3rd place - "Mt. Angel" - copyright Mike Burgess

3rd place – “Mt. Angel” – copyright Mike Burgess




2017-2018 Best Nature Competition

1st Place - "Awe Spray" - copyright Karen McClymonds

1st Place – “Awe Spray” – copyright Karen McClymonds


2nd place - "Red Tailed Hawk" - copyright Victor Dallons

2nd place – “Red Tailed Hawk” – copyright Victor Dallons


3rd Place - "Linkwasha Sunset" - copyright Mike Baynes

3rd Place – “Linkwasha Sunset” – copyright Mike Baynes


May 2018 Projected Image Winners

May Theme Winner – “Pearlescent” – copyright Mike Burgess

May Open Winner – “Becloud” – copyright Raychell Rohrwasser

April 2018 Projected Image Winners

April Theme Winner – “On The Railroad Again” – copyright Ken Dietz

April Open Winner – “Southern Gothic” – copyright Mike Burgess