McDowell Creek Falls Field Trip Photos

This field trip was a nice little hike to McDowell Creek Falls.


Lone Fir Cemetery Field Trip

This field trip was to get a little of that fall color, and to get prepared for Halloween. Here are some of the images:


We also shared a roll of 120 film in a plastic Holga camera. Here are the results – at least, the ones that were usable. The last two are also medium format from Eddie’s much-more-reliable Yashica.

Locust Grove Field Trip Photos

This was another night-shooting field trip out to Locust Grove Church.


Little Crater Lake Field Trip Photos

This trip out to Little Crater Lake got us some great night sky shots and even a few bats in the frame!


Gritty City Field Trip Photos

On September 17th and 25th various PPS members went out and shot “Gritty City” photos for our monthly photo theme. Here are some of the results!


Fremont Bridge Field Trip Photos

On Sunday morning we met near the base of the Fremont bridge and got some photos in the morning light.  We then headed to the nearby St. Honore cafe and got some brunch and coffee.  Here are a few of the images from some of the photographers:


Lost Lake Field Trip Photos

On August 4th, a group of us went up to Lost Lake to take some photos.  Here are a few of the images from some of the attendees:


Cavalia Odysseo Tents Field Trip Photos

We met at the Ross Island Bridge to look down at the sparkling tents of Cavalia Odysseo gleaming in the twilight.  There were also clouds, the Tilikum Bridge, buildings of the south waterfront area, and of course the river to photograph.


Lavender Farm Field Trip Photos

Eight of us drug ourselves out of bed at an unholy hour to bask in the sunshine of dawn at the Norwood Lavender Farm.

Unfortunately, the sun didn’t hit the small lavender farm until an hour or more after we arrived, but a few good photos came out of it nonetheless.


Canoe and Kayak Museum Field Trip Photos

First we visited Alphonse Goettler at his Photo to Canvas workshop and then we walked half a block to the Canoe and Kayak Museum which Harvey Golden  graciously agreed to open for us. Harvey is world famous in his field so if you have questions about ocean going vessels like these he is the man to ask. Harvey has hand built and also paddled many of these replicas worldwide.