Field Trips

Roy Rodeo Field Trip Photos

The annual Roy Rodeo, in Roy, Washington is a fun and busy event that provides close up views of rodeo action!  We had quite a few people share their photos, so here are the images!

Steigerwald Lake Field Trip Photos

A group of photographers headed up to Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge, on SR14 just east of Washougal.

Here are a few sample photos:

Pirtle Station Field Trip Photos

A small group of photographers headed to Pirtle Station for an impromptu field trip.  Here are some of the photos!

Columbia Gorge Field Trip Photos

A few intrepid photographers braved the weather and headed up the gorge looking for photos.  Here are a few samples from Karen McClymonds.

Hollywood Theatre Field Trip Photos

The folks at Hollywood Theatre were nice enough to let us in and give us access to take some great photos.  Here are the images from some of the attendees:


Portland Winter Light Festival Field Trip Photos

If you missed the first Portland Winter Light Festival in 2016 (see our photos here) the second year was just as good, with many new exhibits and the same freezing weather!


Christmas Train Field Trip Photos

This train runs once a year – it is a great time to get some shots of a real steam locomotive.  As Elaine’s photos show, there are often other things to shoot as well!


McDowell Creek Falls Field Trip Photos

This field trip was a nice little hike to McDowell Creek Falls.


Lone Fir Cemetery Field Trip

This field trip was to get a little of that fall color, and to get prepared for Halloween. Here are some of the images:


We also shared a roll of 120 film in a plastic Holga camera. Here are the results – at least, the ones that were usable. The last two are also medium format from Eddie’s much-more-reliable Yashica.

Locust Grove Field Trip Photos

This was another night-shooting field trip out to Locust Grove Church.